-General Terms, Guarantees, Warranties, Policies-

Please scroll below to read our general terms for each individual service.  If you have any questions  you can CLICK HERE to send an email to the office directly.




Payment is due upon completion of the service. Soon after the service is completed, an invoice will be sent to your email with the options of paying by card*, paying by electronic ACH bank transfer, or mailing a check.  You are also welcome to pay the technician by check or cash once the service is complete.

*Invoices that exceed $1,000 will have a 3% credit card transaction fee applied.  You can waive this fee by paying by check, cash, or bank transfer.

   – Late Payment Fees

Once an unpaid invoice reaches 30 days from the date of the service, a $30 late payment fee plus 5% interest will be applied.   Each additional month after the date of the service an additional $30 late fee plus 5% interest will be applied until the service is paid in full.

Example: A service that cost $94.50 would have a 5% interest fee ($4.73) plus $30  applied after 30 days of non-payment.  ($129.23) Then every month following an additional $30 + 5%  would be applied until the service is paid in full.

*My Gutter Doctor will send out final warning notices that give you a chance to pay the original balance before any additional fees are applied.


All services completed by My Gutter Doctor are covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  The job is not finished until the customer is satisfied.

Any return visits are included at no extra cost.


The technicians are to clean all messes at the end of all services performed by My Gutter Doctor.  The job site should look as it did before the service.

My Gutter Doctor will return at no extra charge to clean any messes, leaves, debris, job materials, etc.. from the job site.  Customers have 5 business days from the date of service to report these issues to be eligible for a free return visit to clean the mess.


Our full gutter cleaning service includes the removal of all leaves AND debris from all gutter and downspouts systems on the entire home.


  • Removal of all debris from the gutter system, roofing eave, and roofing valleys
  • Removal of all debris from the downspouts to the ground level
  • Downspouts cleared and verified
  • Gutter debris cleaned from job site upon completion of the service
  • Job photos provided
  • 2 Month Clog-Free Guarantee


  • Cleaning of the outsides of gutters
  • Water flushing
  • Underground drainage systems
  • Detached structures (can be added for an additional fee)


We use a combination of hand picking and leaf blowing for our gutter cleaning services.  Larger debris is scooped by hand into bags, buckets, or safely tossed to the ground (and picked up later).  Next all smaller debris and particles in the gutter are cleared out by using a leaf blower.  As we’re going we check and confirm that each downspout is clear. Lastly the job site is cleaned of all debris once the technician is back to the ground.

For most homes our technicians are able to walk on the roof using special roofing boots designed stick to shingles, similar to how velcro works.

-Pricing Structure:

We price our gutter cleaning services with assumption that the technicians will be able to clean the gutters from the roof of the home by using a leaf blower. Homes that feature “unwalkable” roofs such as metal roofs, cedar roofs, steep roofs, solar panels, etc… will need to be completed by ladder.  Cleaning homes by ladder typically takes anywhere from double to quadruple the time as from the roof. Therefore, additional fees may be applied for homes that feature unwalkable roofs, or other scenarios*.

Example instances that could vary the price of the gutter cleaning service are, but not limited to:

  • Unwalkable roofs. (Ex: Metal Roof, Cedar Roof, Steep Roof, Damaged Roof, or no roof access due to solar panels)
  • When a customer requests that “no leaf blower is used” (aka Hand Pick Only)
  • Gutter Helmets that require removal and re-installation throughout the system.
  • Gutter Screens, Gutter Covers, etc.. that are faulty and/or ineffective which require them to be removed and re-installed throughout the entire system.
  • Foam Inserts, aka Gutter Sponges , that have been neglected for extended periods of time.
  • If the size of the home was drastically misrepresented during the estimate process. (example: the wrong home is shown online, or the home was rebuilt and has not yet been updated online.

*Any additional fees will need to be confirmed with the customer before performing the service. If the customer is not available during the time of service to confirm, the service may need to be rescheduled until confirmation has been received.


All of our gutter cleaning services (partial or full home) are covered by our 2 Month Clog Free Guarantee! This guarantees that your downspouts will not clog for a period of 2 month’s (60 Days) from the initial gutter cleaning service. The 2 month lead way time is to ensure that it rains at least once for you to verify that the gutters are flowing properly to confirm the service was done properly.

Service inspections to verify the cleaning was done properly are included at no extra cost.


Unfortunately, our 2 Month Clog Free Guarantee does not cover new debris such as:

  • Fresh leaves from trees
  • New birds nests


Water flushing is not included with our standard gutter cleaning services. However, we can provide a quote to flush the gutter system during a gutter cleaning service on a case by case basis. CLICK HERE to inquire about water flushing.

-Underground Drains :

Underground drains are not included with our gutter cleaning services. If we determine that an underground drain is clogged during the service then we will note that in the work order to inform the customer.

We make sure not to drop or blow any debris into underground drain systems during our gutter cleaning services.  The technician may need to disconnect the downspout from the drain to ensure nothing goes into the drain.

-Detached Structures (Sheds, Garages, etc..):

Detached structures such as sheds, garages, barns, etc.. are not included with the standard gutter cleaning pricing. However, they can be added to the service as long as we are notified.

  • Let us know before or during the service to add an additional structure.
  • Pricing for detached structures varies by size. Typically $20 additional.



3.a. House Washing


3.b. Roof Cleaning


3.c. Deck & Fence Cleaning


4.c. Patio & Walkway Cleaning


5.d. Driveway Cleaning


6.c. Gutter Brightening Treatment



To save our time in the field we humbly request that all necessary objects be moved prior to the service date. Anything that is in danger of staining (such as cloth furniture), anything that blocks access to surfaces, and plants need to be moved to a safe distance from the home.

The chemicals in our cleaning agents can stain or remove color from patio furniture, cushions, pillows, sunbrellas, awnings, or anything cloth. Therefore, all patio furniture, potted plants, and other large obstacles are to be moved to a safe distance from the home prior to the scheduled service date.

Additional “furniture moving fees” may be applied if excessive amounts of furniture and/or large furniture was needed to be moved to complete the service. Our rates for furniture moving are calculated in 15 minute increments at a rate of $100 per hour.

  • 15 Minutes – $25 (minimum fee)
  • 30 Minutes – $50
  • 45 Minutes – $75
  • 60 Minutes – $100

We reserve the right to clean around furniture that was not moved prior to the scheduled service and/or was not able to be moved by the technicians during the service.

-3 Year Service Warranty:

All gutter installations with My Gutter Doctor are covered by our 3 year service warranty. This warranty guarantees that the workmanship is completed to industry standards by a professional. In addition these are also covered by the service warranty:

  • LOOSE GUTTERS: New gutters are guaranteed to not come loose for 3 years.
  • SLOPE ISSUES: New gutter installations are guaranteed to flow properly and will not develop “pitch” or “slope” issue for 3 years.
  • LOOSE DOWNSPOUTS: New downspouts are guaranteed to not come loose for 3 years.
  • MITER SEALS: New miter installations are guaranteed not to leak for 3 years.
  • END CAP SEALS: New gutter end caps are guaranteed not to leak for 3 years.

-Heavy Duty Materials and Accessories:

We exclusively use new heavy duty (.032) aluminum materials only for all gutter and downspout installations. In addition all accessories are made from the highest quality materials available.

  • .032 Heavy Duty Seamless Aluminum
  • Heavy Duty Hidden Hangers

-As Currently Configured:

All new gutter installations are to be completed “as currently configured unless otherwise noted by the customer.  This means that the gutters and/or downspouts will be re-installed in the same configuration, so that the downspouts are in the same location.

    -New Installations

For new gutter installations My Gutter Doctor will discuss the proposed downspout locations with the customer during the estimate process. My Gutter Doctor will make our official downspout location recommendations in accordance with ground grade and drainage.


-3 Year Service Warranty:

All installation projects through My Gutter Doctor, including Gutter Guard Installation, are covered under our 3 Year Service Warranty. This service warranty covers:

  • Covers coming loose or not sitting flush.
  • Covers blowing off of the home.
  • Downspout Clogs (Clog Free Guarantee).

The warranty does not include:

  • Damages by acts of god
  • New Parts

-Manufacturer Warranty: 

We currently (2022) carry Shur-Flo by US Aluminum and Gutter-Clean by Alu-Rex perforated gutter covers.  25 year Manufacturer Warranties are offered through their perspective manufacturers US Aluminuminc and Alu-Rex.


-3 Year Service Warranty:

All gutter repairs completed by My Gutter Doctor are covered with our 3 year service warranty. This guarantees that all repairs performed by My Gutter Doctor will last for a period of 3 years.

  • RE-SECURE GUTTER: Gutters are guaranteed not come loose for 3 years.
  • RE-PITCH GUTTER: Gutters are guaranteed not to go out of pitch for 3 years.
  • MITER SEAL: Miter seals are guaranteed not to leak for 3 years.
  • END CAP SEAL: End caps are guaranteed not to leak for 3 years.
  • DOWNSPOUT REPAIRS: All downspout repairs are covered for 3 years. This include any new accessories.


-3 Year Service Warranty:

All wood repair and replacement jobs completed by My Gutter Doctor are covered by our 3 year service warranty. This covers issues such as but not limited to:

  • Boards coming loose or falling.
  • Sealant Leaks.

-White Semi-Gloss Exterior Paint:

We pre-paint all boards (fascia boards, rake boards, plywood, etc..) with 1-2 coats of white semi-gloss exterior paint for all wood repair/replacement projects.

Furthermore, we only provide white paint for all wood repair or replacement projects. Any color that is non white will need to be provided by the customer by the day of the service.

-Pre-Primed Pine:

We use pre-primed pine trim boards for all fascia board and rake board projects.


   8.a. New Customer Discount: 

New customers receive a 10% discount off the first gutter cleaning service only.

  • Not combinable with any other discounts (example: annual service)
  • This offer only applies to first time gutter cleaning service customers.
  • Offer valid one time per customer

   8.b. Annual Service Discounts: 

  • 1 Annual Cleaning Per Year = 10% Discount
  • 2 Annual Cleanings Per Year = 15% Discount
  • 3 Annual Cleanings Per Year = 20% Discount

The annual service discount applies to all gutter cleaning services.

   8.c. Group Rates:

Coordinate your gutter cleaning services with your neighbors to save $$$.  The more homes you get together the bigger the savings! Group Rate Discounts range from 10% to 25%.

  • Homes must be serviced on the same day to be eligible for the group rate discount.
  • Group rate discounts are only applicable to gutter cleaning services. (excludes gutter repairs and installations)
  • Referral credits are not applicable to Group Rate customers.

   8.d. Referral Discount: 

Refer your friends or neighbors to receive a $15 credit towards your next service. Offer is unlimited, meaning you can refer as many as you like to receive multiple credits. Furthermore you can use the credits all at once, one at a time, or save them up, whatever works best for you.

  • To receive the $15 credit, the referral must have completed and paid for any service through My Gutter Doctor.
  • Be sure to remind them to mention your name so that you receive the credit.
  • Referral credits are not applicable to Group Rate customers.


Financing options are now available for larger projects through Wisetack  .  With Wisetack customers are able to finance part or all of their next big gutter projects seamlessly.

We’ll attach the application attached to the estimate form of eligible size projects. If interested, the customer will need to fill out the application with Wisetack. Once financing is approved we’ll schedule the service.

Upon completion of the job the customer will need to confirm that the project is completed so that the financer can release the funds to us. Keep in mind all financing payments will be handled through Wisetack.

8.a. Transaction Fee

Unfortunately the financer charges us a flat fee on top of all financed projects. To help cover this cost a 3% fee will be applied to all financing projects.




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